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Use Cervical Neck Traction Device to Handle Chronic Neck Pain

Use Cervical Neck Traction Device to Handle Chronic Neck Pain

Are you suffering from chronic pain in your neck region? If yes, it is time to visit a physical therapist or doctor for a quick and accurate diagnosis. Chances are that he may suggest you go for cervical traction therapy or use the cervical neck traction device which can bring you some measure of relief. You have the choice to make an in-office visit or get a guided use of at-home, convenient cervical neck traction device.

Here, we bring you some information about how to use this device.

Cervical Traction

Cervical traction is usually recommended by a physical therapist or a doctor to give you the best neck support. When this device s used regularly and made a part of your daily routine, it brings you immense and long-lasting relief from incessant spinal and neck pain. Cervical traction is also known as the traction of the spine which helps patients to get some relief and avoid popping in addictive pain medication to get relief from the bugging pain. Many times, they are also able to avoid invasive surgeries by option for natural pain relief methods.

Use Cervical Neck Traction Device to Handle Chronic Neck Pain

This device works by expanding the space between the neck and head. It also opens the joint which eliminates pressure exerted on the muscles. The compression on spinal nerves is also relieved which is the major culprit behind shooting pain. Using this device along with physical therapy can do wonders for the patient who has been living with chronic pain. This neck stretcher device has turned out to be an incredibly effective way of treating neck pain. A regular visit to the doctor or the therapist combines with using this device helps in relieving pain. Gradually, the frequency of device use and a visit to the doctor can be reduced.

Duration of Cervical Traction Use

You can ask the therapist or the doctor about how long you need to use this device to get the desired results. It is recommended to go for regular visits to your doctor so that he can judge your progress. He can also point out if there is any misuse of cervical traction device as it can result in unwanted side effects and physical damage. Some of the side effects that you may have to experience are-

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Fainting
  • Nausea

Depending on the strength and stamina of the person, the length of time and use of cervical traction device is decided. In severe cases, the duration may be longer than normal. There may be new challenges to face every day. Moreover, every person responds to these challenges differently.

On days, when the patient is in severe pain due to poor sleep or more exertion at work, there may be a greater need to use this device. Conversely, in cases when the person feels rested, there may be no need to use the device. Undergoing yoga exercises also help a lot in getting relief from neck troubles. Traction therapy must thus be adjusted according to changing body needs. To begin with, the device is used for just 10 minutes and gradually it can be increased up to 20 minutes.

Cervical traction device has been found to be quite effective and brings amazing relief from neck pain. It is recommended to visit a doctor and start the therapy under his guidance. This way, chances of its misuse will be at its minimum and desired results will be more forthcoming.

Since it is a healing therapy, it may take some time before results are seen.

Gradually, the use of the device will reduce, and the patient will start leading a more normal and pain-free life.


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