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 Hi everyone!

My name is Alexander, I am a physiotherapist better known as Dr. Fix, this nickname was given  by my patients after more than 10 years of working in this field.

Through the experience of more than 10 years I have seen how neck problems have increased in the percentage of the patients that I have.

Globally, the number of patients with neck problems have increased  with more than 50% in the past 10 years. The question me and other specialists in this field have asked ..was WHY???

What is the source of this insane percentage. The answer has come in time by  understanding  what was the thing that we have implemented at global scale. TECHNOLOGY

In the past 20- 15 years the technology has created a massive impact on the people. Especially the smartphones and of course the pc/laptop.

Let’s understand how these things are working...

The initial weight of the head in the right position is 12 pounds.

For every inch of forward Head Posture, the weight of the head can increase on the spine by additional 10 Pounds.

If you increase with 3 inches forward head posture you will put a pressure of 42 Pounds in the cervical area. THAT’S THE MOST COMMON CAUSE THAT CREATES PAIN. Maintaining that position for hours, each day first creates tension in the muscle and after that , it starts with degeneration of the disc and vertebra's which is the root of a lot of pathologies.

"NeckFix helps to immediate relief of muscle tension and neck pain, increase mobility and maintain well-being. Combined with Therapy Massage Ball you can treat the cause of neck pain."

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