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Dr.Fix explain how we changed the NeckFix Cervical Neck Traction Device

NeckFix - Model 2019 - Product Upgraded explain by Dr.Fix

Hi, I am Dr.Fix, and our mission is to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied. So, based on our customers feedback we decided to improve the NECKFIX device.

So, one of the complaints was that the NECKFIX device leaking air thru the metallic valve!

We improved the product based on your feedback and changed the metallic valve who leaked air because you have to fasten tight each time using it. The new valve system made from quality materials is more friendly because is ready to use and for sure will not leaking air anymore.

From our tests, the result was clearly pro for the new system valve.

Also, we improved the air pump with the best rubber on the market. You can feel it in your hand! Just use it and you will see!

Second, complain was about some irritation on your chin caused by a harsh Velcro loop. So, we change the Velcro loop with a new one, a very soft quality which is used for babies. A soft baby Velcro loop. You can see the difference!!!

Also, we’ve made the Velcro straps longer than the previous one, so now is more adjustable and comfortable to your neck.

So, this is it. We love to receive feedback from you. Your experiences with our product are invaluable and we encourage you to send us your feedback.

 Thank you to you and your family for helping our small business grow!


And I have a personal request: if for any reason you are not satisfied. Please give us a chance to make it right. Call us or send an email to let us know.


We are here to help you!


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